Is Work Life Balance really possible as a woman in engineering and technology?

How do I survive and succeed in a Male-Dominated Industry?


When I speak to and work with women in engineering and technology these are the struggles I have found resonate with them the most.


I provide solutions for engineering and technology corporations to engage and retain one of their most valued assets – women.

I individually help women in engineering and technology create a career and life they love.


I believe that engineers “are meant to improve the world with the creative power of their mind.”  Isn’t that profound?  We need engineers.  And we REALLY need WOMEN engineers.


But when you are a women in engineering and technology you are heading down a much different road than most.  To become an engineer is a difficult path and being a women adds even more of a challenging dimension.  My favorite poem from Robert Frost says it well.

“Two roads diverged in a wood,

And I – I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

This is why I founded Your Career Engineer.  To help women to pave your road less travelled.  To help answer those difficult questions.   My passion is to inspire and empower women in engineering and technology to create their own path to personal success.  I believe that digging deep to uncover our passions and identifying our personality traits, skills and abilities will lead us to work we love and a balanced life.


I am here to provide women in engineering and technology with the tools, resources, and inspiration to help them engineer their unique path and pave their success journey.


Lets walk along the path less travelled together.


I am an engineer, wife, mother, cancer survivor, and entrepreneur.  I am paving my own success path each day.  I’d love to help you pave yours.


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Wishing you well along your path,

Sandra Abdalian

Your Career Engineer

Always remember that “success is a journey, not a destination.”