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“As a coach, Sandra help me create a vision for my future and worked with me to develop step-by-step goals to get there.  She gave me the tools to plan my work, keep track of my progress, and have accountability for maintaining good progress.  She was very encouraging and motivating, helping me get a clear view of where I want to be. With her coaching I’ve been able to steer both my career and my life in the direction I really wanted.”

–  E.R., Electrical Engineer

You are an Engineer.

You put in long hours at school or the office (or both!).  You sometimes wonder…..


Is it really possible to have a career and life you love??


YES!! It is absolutely possible! I am here to tell you that it is!  I have successfully transitioned into a career and life I love and have had many friends, who by the help of coaches, do the same.


My ultimate goal is to help women in engineering and technology to engineer a career and life they love!


I am here to help! Working with a career and life coach is the best step individuals can take when they are going through a transition – graduating from college, planning a career move, a new job or promotion, or even having your first baby! Sometimes we just feel stuck! Coaching provides individuals with the CONFIDENCE and TOOLS to be successful in navigating through these transitions to a career and life you love!

As a career coach with an engineering background, I know what women in engineering and technology are facing in the current work environment. I have been there and navigated through engineering school, into an awesome career and also out on my own. Over the years, I have coached many women engineering students and professionals on how to transition into a career and life they love. I would love to help you too!


Through the Engineer Your Career and Life Coaching Process, you will:

  • Uncover your passions, personality traits, skills and abilities
  • Create a personal mission statement and vision for your career and life
  • Express what you want your career and life to look like 3-to-5 years from now
  • Create goals that can propel you forward towards that life
  • Learn a proactive job search process



Since I have an engineering-based mind-set, my coaching is results-oriented and focuses on a personal plan of action.  After taking an assessment of who you are and where you are at, we quickly move forward through a specific process that will help you achieve clarity and achieve your goals.


My coaching package is an amazing way to get started in transitioning into the career and life you love.  Here are some things that are offered in my coaching.  Items below and duration of coaching are customized to your personal needs.

  • Engineer Your Goalsthe Vision and Goal Setting resource for you to achieve success.
  • Bestselling Book:  StrengthFinder 2.0.  This includes an online assessment to help you determine and understand your strengths 
  • Bestselling Book: 48 Days to the Work You Love by my coach mentor, Dan Miller
  • Online DISC Assessment with Career and Personality Profile – This one of a kind profile will help you better understand your behavior preferences
  • 1 hour a week of coaching!
  • As a Bonus: Unlimited email access!!

(Inquire about pricing via email contact below)


Group Coaching is also available upon request.


Let’s Get Started!

Contacting me about coaching in no way obligates you to commit! Before we begin, I have all clients fill out a Coaching Request Form and we have a Free 30-Minute Coaching Consultation. After that we can make a decision on what coaching program, if any, is best for you.


Contact me today to schedule your free consultation!

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