Sandra’s talks to students and professionals are fun, engaging, and best of all provide practical tips and encouragement to help women engineer a career and life they love.  She utilizes content from her professional workshops for her consulting business Lean Your World, where she provides organizations with the powerful skills to communicate well, build meaningful relationships, and maximize effectiveness thus creating an engaging work environment where employees can thrive and productivity is optimal.


“Sandra Abdalian’s presentation on Assertive Communication for Women was awesome! She used energy, information, and great stories to drive home all of her points as she walked us through the 4 Pillars of Assertive Communication.  We took away specific strategies to use to improve our assertive communication immediately.  I love that she challenged us to take ONE THING from the presentation to focus on and work toward improving.  This was a really powerful presentation that all women should hear.”

–  Carolyn Bonaventura, Central Florida SWE Chapter President


“Sandra was an awesome addition to the University of Florida SWE professional speaker series.  Her workshop, “How to Engineer a Career and Life You Love”, presented our members with the framework to build their life through balance, vision, and goal setting.  Sandra is an excellent presenter and illustrated her points with relatable stories.  We are looking forward to having her back for another presentation in the spring semester.”

– Erin Winick, University of Florida SWE President


Workshop 1:  How to Engineer a Career and Life You Love

Theme: Work Life Balance and Goal Setting


Students and professionals will learn how to create a personal vision statement, set goals, achieve work-life balance, and create a clear plan of action to achieve their dreams.


Workshop 2:  Effective Communication for Technical Professionals

Theme: Communication Skills


This workshop teaches students and professionals how to communicate assertively and effectively in the workplace.  It includes tips on communication gaps related to gender, age, and behavioral preferences*. It gives practical advice on how to be seen as a woman in the engineering and technology profession and own your own career path.

*If requested, this workshop can be expanded to include the DISC Assessment for the workshop attendees.


Workshop 3:  I’ve Graduated, Now What?  The College to Career Transition (For College Students)

Theme: Career


This workshop helps students prepare for life after college graduation. This works students through identifying their vocational calling, skills to navigate through career choices, a proven job search strategy, and practical advice on how to move to a new location and get involved in a new community.


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